Stella’s Coffee Haus

Stella’s Coffee Haus

Tucked snuggly between Palizo and a tall brick office building on the 1400 block is a bright green and yellow painted house that has become a staple of South Pearl Street. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee and sweet drinks lingers in the air. The front of this little house is lined with bright red benches that are often filled with casual coffee-sippers typing away on their laptops or chatting with friends. It’s hard to not feel at home at Stella’s.

Stella’s Coffee Haus opened in October 1991. Stan named the charming coffee shop after his sister, Stella. “She is an essential person in my life,” says Stan. Stella no longer lives in Denver, but she comes to visit the shop often.

One of the reasons Stella’s has gained a loyal following is because of the customer service. Behind the treat-lined counters are smiling faces happy to take your order, greeting customers like family. Regular customers hand over their travel mugs and chat with the baristas, as they pour their usual order. This familial atmosphere is the core of Stella’s. Stan notes that at Stella’s, “We are a family. We welcome people with open arms creating real and meaningful connections with the people we serve.” You can tell that love and family are the foundation of Stella’s. The atmosphere, the baristas, and the mouthwatering treats are all a product of care and love. This is what sets Stella’s apart.


Stella’s wouldn’t be what it is today without the passion from Stan. He expresses that what drives him every day as “planting seeds of kindness and watching those seeds grow all around the world.” Through numerous shared stories and meaningful connections made in this cozy coffee shop, Stan has been afforded the opportunity to travel all over the globe without leaving Pearl Street.

Stan’s adoration for Stella’s is evident as he talks about how he stands in line to order a drink every day. It’s a small vanilla latte. “We make our vanilla in-house, it’s unbeatable.” After almost 27 years, Stan still experiences Stella’s the best way possible… as a customer.

The Perks of Being a Small Business

As the summer days come to an end and a fall chill sweeps down Pearl Street, Stella’s draws a line of customers eager to be welcomed home. People from the neighboring businesses have their meetings on the umbrella-shaded patio and organizations host their morning gatherings in the large sitting area. Young groups of students deliberate over schoolwork, dogs lazily wag their tails as they lie on the patio deck, and friends merrily gossip while sipping from Stella’s eclectic coffee mugs. Stan comments that he loves being a small business here. “That’s probably the best part about South Pearl Street – the people… the patrons from off the block, and most importantly, the workers on South Pearl Street. They are the ones who help contribute to Stella’s warm family environment.”

What’s Next?

What’s next for Stella’s? Stan says how he is looking to expand to include a drive-thru location. They haven’t found the right space yet, but they are currently searching to find the perfect spot.

Whether you have been to Stella’s before or this is your first time visiting, stop in to see all that Stella’s has to offer! We hope you enjoy it a latte!