Kaos Pizzeria, Uno Mas Taqueria, Bird, and Palizo Italiano

Kaos Pizzeria, Uno Mas Taqueria, Bird, and Palizo Italiano

South Pearl Street is brimming with trendy eateries and some of the best food in town. As you walk from block to block, you’ve most likely passed one of Patrick Mangold-White’s eateries on South Pearl. Patrick owns Kaos Pizzeria, Uno Mas Taqueria y Cantina, Bird and Palizo Italiano. As with many of the merchants on South Pearl Street, Patrick has called this street home for 12 years now.


After a month’s-long search for the perfect pizza parlor, Kaos opened its doors in 2009. Patrick spent an additional 3 months converting the house at 1439 S. Pearl to fit their kitchen and 10,000-pound wood-burning oven from Italy. All the pizzas that come from their kitchen are handmade with no mechanical processes, providing their customers with authentic, traditional pizzas.

Uno Mas Taqueria (1585 S. Pearl) opened in 2013 and focuses on locally sourced farm to table ingredients that make their street tacos delicious AND sustainable. Patrick says he wanted Uno Mas to reflect a “simple and bold archival cooking styleā€¯ based on some street tacos he ate at K38 in Baja Southern California. You don’t have to be hungry to stop on in… Uno Mas has over seventy artisanal small-batch tequilas and mescals and focuses on old-world style drinks using the finest blue agave.

Palizo Italiano (1472 S. Pearl) opened in 2017 and specializes in authentic Northern Italian fare. The menu includes fresh fish, antipati, truffle risotto, 48 oz. rib-eye, affordable Northern Italian wines, and, of course, made-from-scratch-rolled-in-house fresh pasta.

Bird (1529 S. Pearl) is the newest of Patrick’s additions, opening in 2017. Originally Yard Bird, this American comfort food restaurant puts a creative spin on all-day plates like corned beef Reuben, Benedicts, and their all-day breakfast dishes like chicken ‘n’ waffles.

Serving the Neighborhood Farm-to-Table Style

Owning these businesses comes from a place of passion and dedication to food. Patrick’s mission has always been to make an impact on people’s lives within the food and beverage industry. He wanted to train the general public about food-consciousness and how to be more self-aware of their food choices. This means Patrick pays special attention to where food is sourced, how it is prepared and is transparent about those processes with his customers.

All of his restaurants are farm-to-table or garden-to-plate eateries. Kaos is the only Colorado pizzeria that sources fresh ingredients from local farms, local growers, and ranches. Uno Mas Taqueria, Palizo Italiano, and Bird also use local suppliers in order to have the freshest ingredients possible for their dishes.

In addition to using local suppliers, Patrick also believes in serving his neighborhood. Bringing restaurant concepts that the neighborhood enjoys time and time again has been his mission on South Pearl Street. Patrick likes “helping people better their lives through employment and food enjoyment”. That’s part of why he likes owning businesses on South Pearl Street. He says he has “put everything into this neighborhood and enjoys the vibe they have helped create on South Pearl.”

The Future

We asked the expert what dishes he likes to order at his restaurants and he responded that he doesn’t have any specific favorites. He would eat everything on every menu. From the hand-tossed wood-fired pizzas at Kaos, the lengua and al pastor street tacos at Uno Mas Taqueria, orecchiette con pollo at Palizo Italiano, and the crab cake bennys at Bird, he enjoys all of his local offerings.

The future is simple. Patrick plans to continue doing what they’ve been doing – providing great food for the families and friends in the neighborhood. So whether you’re feeling like pizza tonight, are craving street tacos, want some classic comfort food, or are looking to enjoy some authentic Northern Italian food, Patrick’s award-winning restaurants gotcha covered.