Where The Sidewalk Ends

Where The Sidewalk Ends

Happy Monday! Today’s #MerchantMonday features Where the Sidewalk Ends!


 Originally opening in April of 2022, this toy store is a hub for imagination through dress up costumes, art and science kits, stuffed animals, dolls, and more. 


The owner, Caity, has a mission to inspire a child’s creativity and imagination through the magical world of pretend. Play is truly a priority, and their values are reflected in the merchandise carried in the store. 


Eighty percent of their products are sourced from women-owned companies, and their selection of Montesorri-influenced items encourage children to unplug from screens and plug into whatever reality they choose with simple yet thoughtfully crafted toys. 


As the holiday season approaches, be sure to check out their selection of holiday themed toys, stocking stuffers, and more! 


To learn more, visit their website. https://wherethesidewalkendshop.com/