Fire Lily Acupuncture

Fire Lily Acupuncture

Happy Monday, #MerchantMonday is back in full swing! 

This week features Sakshi Mears, owner of Fire Lily Acupuncture & Wellness. 

She has been practicing acupuncture for 5 years and has been established on South Pearl since September of 2020.  

Sakshi offers a variety of holistic healing services including treatment for acute/chronic pain, depression/anxiety, digestive disorders, women’s health, migraines/headaches, insomnia, and more!

Her goal is to bring a holistic form of healing to as many people in the South Pearl/Denver community as possible.

In addition to offering acupuncture and body work, Fire Lily has an on-site apothecary with herbal medicine, CBD products, topicals, and teas, making it a one stop shop for natural healing. 

To learn more, visit their website: