Merchant Membership

If you represent a merchant or business with a physical address within the 1200 and 1900 blocks of South Pearl Street in Denver, you are invited to join the South Pearl Street Association. Some exceptions to this rule may apply. You may inquire to

Monthly dues range from $15 – $18 and are auto-renewed annually. Once paid, you will receive a full profile on and receive all of the membership benefits listed below.

We hold “every other month” merchant meetings where any and all members are welcome to attend and share ideas, volunteer for events, participate in merchant initiatives, and share any merchant-related news of their own.

Once your application is submitted, your online profile will be built and you will receive a welcome email from our board with all current and upcoming events! We’d love to include you in our merchant community!

Any Questions? Holler at

If your business is located on the 1400-1500 blocks of South Pearl Street, please apply here:

1400-1500 Blocks

If your business is located on the 1200, 1300, 1600, 1700 or 1800 block of South Pearl Street, please apply here:

All Other Blocks

Did you know that the South Pearl Street business district IS NOT financially supported by the city of Denver or any other city/state entity?
In order to build and maintain the eclectic culture of the 1200 to 1800 blocks of our street,
the South Pearl Street Association (SPSA) was formed over 41 years ago.
These blocks are supported entirely through membership dues and the entrepreneurial efforts of the voluntary merchants association.

The SPSA exists for 3 distinct purposes:
1. to financially fund and promote the appeal of South Pearl Street to all of Denver, Colorado
2. to financially fund and promote the common interests of the South Pearl Street merchants
3. to cultivate and enhance the relationships among member businesses, and between member businesses and the surrounding community.

The following benefits, assets and events on South Pearl Street are made possible by the SPSA:
1. 3 Street Arches: purchase, installation, power, maintenance, and insurance
2. 40 Street Lamps: purchase, installation, power, maintenance, and insurance
3. 60 Flower Pots: purchase, seasonal planting, watering and maintenance
4. 15 Trees: purchase and maintenance
5. Tree Illumination: purchase, power and maintenance
6. Seasonal Street Decorations (street lamp banners and decor): purchase and maintenance
7. 26-27 weekly Farmers Markets that bring thousands of weekly patrons to the street every Sunday
8. Production of various seasonal music and beer festivals, including our Annual WinterFest.
9. Seven First Friday Interactive Art Walks recently enhanced to bring new patrons to our street annually
10. website development and maintenance including monthly featured merchants
11. Aggressive social media marketing, posting and interaction for events and merchants of South Pearl Street
12. Six annual SPSA merchant meetings that are open to all businesses of South Pearl Street

The SPSA is able to financially support all of the benefits listed above through:
1. Merchant Membership dues (under $20 a month)
2. Farmers Market vendor fees and commissions
3. Festival sponsorships and ticket sales

ADDITIONAL benefits for dues paying members of the SPSA:
1. A FEATURED business profile on including a photo, description, and link to your website
2. Exclusive MERCHANT MONDAY spotlight video posted to our social platforms (22,000+ followers)
3. Exclusive listing in our printed South Pearl Street Map that gets distributed to 4,000 households in Platt Park
4. Exclusive invitation to participate in our Holiday Passport Program
5. Exclusive invitations to seasonal merchant mixers and holiday gatherings
6. Exclusive opportunities to share ideas and be involved in future street improvements and events
7. Exclusive opportunities to be nominated for a position on the SPSA board
8. Exclusive opportunities to share posts through South Pearl Street’s social media (22K+ followers)
9. Exclusive vendor booth space opportunities and discounts at all Farmers Markets
10. Exclusive vendor booth space opportunities and discounts at seasonal festivals (like Oktoberfest and Winterfest)
11. Exclusive opportunities to volunteer at any of our events
12. Proud community donors to local and global beneficiaries