Thanks for a great 2021 season! See you in 2022!

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2021 Special Events

May 9 Opening Day

October 31Halloween Parade

Gather at north end of the farmers market (Arkansas)
Barricades at 10:45am
Parade at 11am led by South HS

General Information

HobNob Events manages the South Pearl Street Farmers Market. They strive to support and enhance the surrounding community by providing a Farmers Market experience where a great variety of fresh and wholesome products can be found. It is important to support our local community, therefore, all products must be grown, raised, produced or gathered by the vendor in the State of Colorado or in counties bordering the State of Colorado. In the case that a product is unavailable in the state of Colorado but we feel it would be a benefit to the market and the vendors we will evaluate the relationship between the vendor and the producer and make the best decision we can noting that sometimes there are exceptions to the rule.



Q: What are the dates, hours and location of the South Pearl Street Farmers Market?

A:1400 + 1500 blocks of South Pearl Street (between Iowa and Arkansas)
Sundays, May 9, 2021 – November 14, 2021

Q: How do you choose your Farmers Market vendors?

The selection process takes into consideration many factors including product quality, sourcing, growing practices, presentation, seniority, safety, compliance, grandfathered vendors, customer service and the right product mix to ensure a successful market for everyone.

Q: Do you close during inclement weather?

Our market is open rain, snow or shine and all holidays. We will only cancel during EXTREME weather conditions. We ask that you check our Facebook Page and/or your email for weather updates.

Q: What is the Denver Tax Rate?

The Denver Tax Rate is 4.31%

Q: Can I come to your market and pass out flyers to promote my new business/non-profit organization/charity event?

We wish to provide market customers with a relaxing and enjoyable experience where they can stroll through the market and interact with the market vendors. NO solicitors or distribution/marketing of non-approved products are allowed at our markets. This includes signature gathering for petitions and voter sign-up.

Q: I do not sell a product. Can I set up a booth at your market?

Our market focuses on food and food related items. Informational vendors are not accepted into any of the markets.

Q: I’ve seen booths set up at your market for items that are not on your vendor list or you’ve said you don’t allow in the market. Can you explain?

In order to support the community, the merchants on the street and the Merchant/Neighborhood Associations, we allow brick and mortar stores on the market streets to set up booths and sell their goods at the market. Therefore, you may see a few items that are not on our list. We also have a handful of wonderful “grandfathered” vendors that have been at the Market longer than HobNob has been managing it!

Interested in becoming a vendor?

2021 Vendors

92 Minerals
Babas Falafel
Bavarian Sausage
Belli Fiori
Bespoke Provisions
Biker Jim
Bjorns Honey
Bloom box
Bob’s roasted nuts
Bolder Chips
Bosco Bakery
Brad B Jammin
Brown Dog
Bubby Goobers
Buckin’ Nuts
Cabu Latte
Cajun Mountain Girl
Candle Culturist
Cream City
Ela (Starting in July)
Elite Hydration
Essential 5
Euro Crepes
Floppy Hat
Forte Fruits
Gallery 1505
Garza Farm
Golden acres
Golden Root
Green Belly/Frescos
Guerrero’s Chile
Healthy Hydration

Holy Frijole
Honey People
Hungry Heart
Inner Light
it porcine
Jucing tree
Kettle head
Kiowa Farm (May + June)
La Montagne
Madams Jams
Masi Masa
Melrose and Madiso
Mile High Fungi
Mile High Pie
Mile High Urban Farming
Miller Farm
Minoru Farmds
Moussa Hamoosa
Oatis Love
Olde Crone Bewitching Soaps
Original Greek
Palisade Peach Shack
Pastures of plenty
Patter Bar
Paz Distributors
PB Love
Peak State Coffee
Phresh Baked goods
Pickle People
Polidori Sausage
Pressman wines
Rebel Breal
Rinaldo’s Bakery
Rocky Mountain Fresh
Ruby’s Market
Sara’s Cosmic Cookie Dough

Sauci LIving
Sculptural Yet Functional
Second Star to Right
Sexy Pizza
Smart Globe
Snow Creek Ranch
Snow Owl
South Pearl Street Tees and Totes
Styria Bakery
Styria Catering
Sunday and Sage
Sweet Gold
Sweet Viking
Tall Guy Tiny Greens
Tempo Granola
The Bread Box
The Oil Barn
The Village Nosh
Tough Mother
Uno Mas
Wags World
Wash Park Microgreens
Wheel House Gifts
Wild Wick Farm
Yerba Cha
Yummy Yummy

Drop in vendors

Field Supply
Kiowa Farm
Picosa Green Sauce
Boozy Botanist

Food Trucks

Arepas House
Green Giraffe
Mac n Cheezary
Pierogies Factory (last Sunday of each month